Frases de te amo con el alma

Frases de te amo con el alma

Marc Anthony – Qué Precio Tiene el Cielo (Audio)

⇒ |”The sun illuminates the earth… as your eyes illuminate my heart. hello sweetness!We won’t be next to each other; in fact, we’re a few thousand miles apart, but the magic of a text message can still bring our hearts and thoughts closer and give us a smile. When we meet again, I will hug you tight and never let you walk away from me again!”

⇒|”Hello my life you know ? today is a beautiful day and it is a radiant sun and more than that, our love that illuminates our lives, always when I wake up the first thing I look at is your picture and I am overcome with such a huge joy knowing that I have you and you are part of my days”

⇒|”It was love at first sight and I can’t deny it, my soul is sure that with you it will be immensely happy, open your precious eyes, take a deep breath and start this beautiful day that is a gift for both of us “

⇒|”I love when we discover new coincidences between us and when the same things seem funny to us, being with you I love it and that’s why today I wanted to wake you up telling you that you are someone very special to me, good morning “

  Amor de mi alma estoy aqui pimpinela

Phrases of Unlove

“My love, I don’t love you for you or for me or for both of us together, I don’t love you because my blood calls me to love you, I love you because you are not mine, because you are on the other side, there where you invite me to jump and I can’t jump, because in the depths of possession you are not in me, I can’t reach you, I do not pass from your body, from your laughter, there are hours when it torments me that you love me (how you like to use the verb to love, with what cheesiness you are dropping it on the dishes and the sheets and the buses), it torments me your love that does not serve me as a bridge because a bridge does not stand on one side only. “

Phrases of forgiveness

For four days, Johnny Depp took the stand to testify in the case, and answered questions from his lawyer and Heard’s defender. Recordings of some of the couple’s altercations were also played, and the actor delved into details of his relationship with Heard.

  Acto i alma estrella damm

Depp also testified that he suffered a cut on his finger from broken glass in 2015, after Heard allegedly threw a vodka bottle at him. The actor said he sought medical attention, but commented in court that he told others at the time that he injured his finger by hitting it on a door.

Heard’s lawyers have referred to statements Depp made to emergency doctors at the time to argue that Depp cut his own finger. The actor denies this. Now, when asked about his actions after suffering the injury, including having used his injured finger to write on walls with a mixture of his blood and paint, Depp confirmed that he had done so.

The actor also said he physically defended himself on a few occasions, mentioning of an incident in which Heard said he injured his nose. Depp testified in court that his head bumped into Heard’s forehead while he was trying to “restrain” her.

Abel Pintos – Aquí Te Espero (Official Video)

“When I despair, I remember that throughout history, the paths of truth and love have always triumphed. There have been tyrants, murderers, and for a while they may seem invincible, but in the end, it always falls.”

  La voz de tu alma fnac

“I will humbly strive to love, to speak the truth, to be honest and pure, to own nothing that is not necessary to me, to earn my wages by work, to always be mindful of what I eat and drink, to never be afraid, to respect the beliefs of others, to always seek the best for all, to be a brother to all my brothers.”

“Watch your thoughts, for they will become your words. Watch your words, for they will become your deeds. Watch your actions, for they will become your habits. Watch your habits, for they will become your destiny.”

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